Garage Punk Misfits MOGO Twist And Shout About Their Cool ‘BOYFRIEND’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

15 March 2019

Band: MOGO

Who: Four Belgian oddballs making a lot of noisy stuff to go bananas to and who write
daft songs about former President Richard Nixon and the late actor Patrick Swayze.

Track: BOYFRIEND – lead single from upcoming EP

Score: While looking and acting like nutcases – just being themselves I suppose – this
thunderous 4-piece engine rocks like an out-of-control meteor on its way to destroy the future Mexican Wall. I don’t have a clue who their cool boyfriend is, but I guess he’s one of their mental kind who knows that punk rock was actually invented to put a gigantic grin on your face. And that’s what these blazing motherrockers do tremendously well. They roar, they roll, they rattle and they make you smile! Hallelujah! Release the bats…

MOGO: Facebook

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