‘The Story Of The Blues’ – By Pete Wylie aka WAH! (1982)

Sonic knockouts from the past

22 March 2019

‘The Story Of The Blues’ by WAH!

First of all happy 61 to PETE WYLIE (born 22 March 1958) who was actually WAH!
He started his musical career in 1977 in Liverpool with lead vocalist Ian McCulloch
(Echo and The Bunnymen) and bassist Julian Cope (Teardrops Explodes), with whom
he formed the band Crucial Three. With three big ego’s the trio lasted for about… six weeks. Wylie played in some other groups before starting new incarnation Wah! Heat, shortened to WAH! later on, for his hit single THE STORY OF THE BLUES (part 1 & 2)
which reached #3 on the UK Singles Chart in late 1982. Here we go…


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