THE MIGHTY ORCHID KING In An Emotional Whirlpool On Brand New Single ‘SHIFTING SANDS’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

26 March 2019


Who: Power pop collective out of St.Albans, Hertfordshire, England
centred around singer/songwriter Jonny Bennett

Track: SHIFTING SANDS – brand new single

Score: ‘Shifting Sands‘ is a mixed emotions song about good times, bad times and embracing impermanence. It sounds and feels like a restless whirlpool of clashing sentiments and excitements. Both euphoric and confusing. Both rhapsodic and bewildering. A swirling sonic carousel going fast forward without a moment of
repose as if the protagonist tries to get in control again. This is a multi-layered,
jittery pop discharge that will leave you behind out of breath. Here’s why…

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