Electro Pop Tandem UMMAGMA Shares Brand New Starry-Eyed Single ‘CARAVAN’…

Brand new sonic impulses

6 April 2019


Who: The duo of Canada born Shauna McLarnon and Alexander Kretov from Ukraine started their electronic pop project back in 2003 in Moscow. Now based in Peterborough, Ontario, the pair released two albums so far and have their third full length, after a 7-year gap, entitled ‘Compass‘ ready for release on 21st June. In a press statement, the longplayer is described as “an album of grace and change, of familiarity and exploration, of emotion and euphoria, of sky-scraping cinematic highs and intimate and intriguing lows. This is the sound
of a band allowing themselves to jump creative divides, to kick down musical barriers, and rip up the rule book or perhaps just ignore the fact that there ever was one in the first place.”

Track: CARAVAN – first single, officially out on 8th May, off the new LP

Score: There’s so much happening here. After a tribal jungle like drum intro, an ongoing glimmering guitar riff kicks in, an enchanting synth-pop melody develops with starry-eyed alternating vocals by the duo taking you to dreamland, until tantalizing guitars grab your attention just before the drums and that sparkling riff take over again for the trippy outro. The overall whirling dynamic of this flashing escapade will tickle your senses! Capture the blissful vibes right here…

UMMAGMA: Facebook –  Twitter

New album COMPASS out 21st June – all info right here

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