Knockouts from the past

20 May 2019

Today 50 years ago, on 20 May 1969, rock icons LED ZEPPELIN started recording HEARTBREAKER. A rambling corker of their second album Led Zeppelin II released
in October 1969. It was the opening track of the 2nd side of the LP and features a truly special guitar riff by Jimmy Page described years later by virtuoso producer Rick Rubin
as “one of the greatest riffs in rock. It starts, and it’s like they don’t really know where the “one” is. Magical in its awkwardness.”

Although their no singles policy this cracker, like other ones before and after got a single release in other countries than their native one. The single sleeve (on top) and pic of the
7″ vinyl (below) is from an Italian pressing.

Now, let’s rock…

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