Experience Sound Junkie SKYJELLY’s Thunderous Jam About Our Messed-Up ‘TERRA NOSTRA’….

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

20 May 2019

Next Friday one-electrical-Boston-man band SKYJELLY returns with a 6-track Cassette (music also available digitally). You can already stream two cuts of which TERRA NOSTRA is the one that makes your hair stand up in the back of your neck. It sounds like the last desperate convulsion of our troubled planet. Disturbed, discombobulated and diabolic like a thunderous runaway train on its way to crash into a thousand pieces. It’s the end of our messed-up Terra as we know it and Skyjelly composed its destructive Black Sabbath doom jam. Let’s enjoy the perplexing pandemonium before humankind inflates itself in the end…

SKYJELLY: Facebook

Cassette WE PULL THE STARS OVER OUR HEADS LIKE COVERS – out 24 May – Info here

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