Noise Turbo MINOR/MINOR Produces Deafening Bravado On Clip For New Cut ‘BLINK OF AN EYE’…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…


Who: “This project wass born back in 2013 in Waremme, Belgium, built from various influences, from ambient to heavy riffs, sometimes bluesy or post-rock with a very typical and sharp voice, this band offers you some kind of sweet and sour blend. All of the recordings, mixing and mastering process have been done in their own home studio in the area of Liège, Belgium.”

Video: BLINK OF AN EYE – newest cut from their upcoming EP

Score: The sheer metallic power and overwhelming bravado of this emotional outburst
is as gargantuan as a clash of ear-shattering titans such as bombast addicts Rammstein and the out-of-their-minds loudmouths Korn. Oh yeah, expect some amazeballs potency and blistering fierceness. Check the flexibility of your speakers before unloosing this ramping energy and take a towel beside you because it’s gonna be a sweaty ride.

Start the hellish show here…


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