‘Every Breath You Take’ by THE POLICE – No 1 On UK Singles Chart 36 Years Ago…

Knockouts from the past

4 June 2019

Mega stars THE POLICE started a 4-week run at the top of the UK Singles Chart
36 years ago today, on 4 June 1983 with EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE, probably
their best single next to that debut cracker ‘Roxanne‘. But here was a band (mostly
Sting) who knew all the tricks by then to write MASSIVE HIT singles.

It also topped the charts in America for eight straight weeks. Unquestionable their
biggest score ever. It got tons of prizes, awards and worldwide accolades of praise.
It appeared on their fifth and final studio LP ‘Synchronicity‘. Here’s that rather
brilliant obsessive love song (again – 655.182.681 views on YT)…

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