9 July 2019

Courtney Love was born Courtney Michelle Harrison on 9 July 1964 in San Francisco, California. A controversial personality, an intimidating singer/frontwoman and a puzzling actress. A multifaceted character you love or you hate. I was fully fascinated when she hit the scene with Hole about 30 years ago. Some doubts kicked in afterward (thanks in part to some damaging media animosity. No thanks, sensational sharks!). Was she for real or just acting and fooling around? The fact that she married a global rock star didn’t make things easier to see as they really were. But after reading her biography sometime later
I knew she absolutely was who she showed she was. An adult with many scars because
as a bipolar teenager she was neglected by everybody (parents & family) who should have cared when it matters most for a upgrowing child and she fought her way through, on her own, to be somebody, to have a decent life and feel good about herself. Happy 55 Miss Love. Here come three big ones to celebrate…




COURTNEY LOVE: Biography – Facebook

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