9 July 2019

Courtney Love was born Courtney Michelle Harrison on 9 July 1964 in San Francisco, California. A controversial personality, an intimidating singer/frontwoman and a puzzling actress. A multifaceted character you love or you hate. I was fully fascinated when she hit the scene with Hole about 30 years ago. Some doubts kicked in afterward (thanks in part to some damaging media animosity. No thanks, sensational sharks!). Was she for real or just acting and fooling around? The fact that she married a global rock star didn’t make things easier to see as they really were. But after reading her biography sometime later
I knew she absolutely was who she showed she was. An adult with many scars because
as a bipolar teenager she was neglected by everybody (parents & family) who should have cared when it matters most for a upgrowing child and she fought her way through, on her own, to be somebody, to have a decent life and feel good about herself. Happy 55 Miss Love. Here come three big ones to celebrate…




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HISTORY – 12 April 1994 – HOLE Releases Second LP

12 April 2019

Today 25 years ago, on 12 April 2014 Courtney Love‘s band HOLE released their second album LIVE THROUGH THIS. A week after her husband Kurt Cobain shot himself.

The record was overall praised by music critics with Rolling Stone writing: “Love delivers punk not only as insinuating as Nirvana’s but as corrosive as the Sex Pistols’. More significantly, Live Through This may be the most potent blast of female insurgency ever committed to tape.”
It peaked at #52 in America but sold remarkably better in Europe, the UK and Australia.

Top Tracks: Doll Parts / Violet / Softer, Softest




Album in full…

HOLE: Biography – All Albums / COURTNEY LOVE: Facebook

Back sleeve

Midlands’ Dreamers VIOLET Take You On A Trip With ‘HEAVEN ADORES YOU’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

24 October 2018



Who: “This five-piece from the Middle of England comes drenched in big sounds with an indie spark, combining influences that draw from 90s Grunge to Britpop.”

Pick: HEAVEN ADORES YOU – newest single

Score:  Here’s a spacey trip for romantic minds and idyllic daydreamers.  A sonic massage that’ll get you in the right mood to leave reality for what it is for a while and set your spirit free. Glimmering guitars, chill out vocals and an overall relaxing pop melodiousness you can lose yourself in easily and carelessly, feeling as if life moves in slo-mo for a change.

Close your eyes and drift away right here…

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Up And Coming Five-Piece VIOLET Scores Anthemic Shoegaze Cracker With New Arresting Single ‘JADED’…

23 March 2018

VIOLET is a young, exciting squad out of England‘s Midlands. The 5-piece debuted last year with impressive striking track ‘Feel‘. And with today’s brand new single JADED they are knocking loudly on that big gate of fame. Singer/guitarist Luke Brickett Haycock said in a press statement that the song’ “was written in a trance-like state where it all just kind of blossomed from out of nowhere one night. It’s about that feeling when something, whatever
it is, gets ingrained and stuck in your head but you just want it gone and it doesn’t leave…”

JADED has all sonic ingredients of an epic masterstroke. It’s a tower of a captivating symphony. Tremendous shoegaze guitars build a wall-of-mind-boggling-sound and
elevate your subconsciousness to an ecstatic level of pure phantasy from the very start. And soon after frontman Haycock‘s impassioned voice kicks in you’re floating towards the very heart of the song: a stupendous, anthemic chorus that sticks instantly. Wow! Double Wow! Very big step for this highly talented team. Turn it up, folks, right here, right now…

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JADED out today – available on iTunes