Discover London Based Band Called NORTH AMERICA And Their New Single ‘MY BABY’S NO ONE’S GIRL’…

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14 August 2019


Who: North America are a London based 5-piece creating viscerally energetic and introspective indie-rock that embodies the anthemic quality of their songwriting. Hailing from São Paulo and California, frontman P.F. Phillip met guitarists Gabe Coulter, Jack Rennie, bassist Sandro Giacometti and drummer Sam Roberts and formed the band in 2017 over a refined appreciation of trashy American comedies and questionable pizza joints.

Pick: MY BABY’S NO ONE’S GIRL – newest single – the song reads like “a candid letter of warning about a lover slipping through your fingers, as fond memories turn to bittersweet retrospect.”

Score: This is young fresh romantic indie pop that will make you think of New-Zealand daydreamers The Veils‘s playful way of songwriting, but you’ll also hear floating echoes of the late Buckley family. This musing’s tone is idyllic, melancholic and starry-eyed. Its sonic resonance is captivating and galvanic with an electrical finale that probably emphasizes the obsessive love for the heroine of the song. Discover the amorous glow here…

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