Amplified Welsh Popsters SEAZOO Drop New Vivid Single ‘THROW IT UP’…

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15 August 2019

Amplified Welsh popsters SEAZOO just dropped the lead single from their sophomore album set for release early next year.

Frontman Ben Trow commented on the new cut, titled THROW IT UP as follows: “I see a lot of people rejecting aspects of modern life, like tech, tech platforms, even careers as a way
of trying to improve happiness. Some people make extreme lifestyle changes, like moving into
a forest, or selling-up and moving into a van. But I also see people getting rid of their smart phones or deleting their social media. So I guess the song’s about making the decision to reject something in an attempt to improve well-being”.

Throw It Up‘ is a terrifically snappy ripper that will activate your eager ears directly. An incandescent tune pushed by a thumping beat, intensified by rapturous guitars and some organ sparks and rollin’ from start to finish. Avid score! Zealous drift! Catch the itchy vibe here…

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