New sonic impulses

30 August 2019

Edinburgh born artist GARETH SAGER‘s CV is quite impressive: multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, classical music composer, a founding member of funky post-punk
junks The Pop Group, jazzy avant-garde combo Rip Rig + Panic, Bristol rockers Head
and countless collaborations. After his gracious 2017 classical piano LP 88 Tuned Dreams he gathered a kooky gang called THE HUNGRY GHOSTS and released the gloriously wacky album Juicy Rivers last year.

A couple of weeks ago one of the albums’ most accessible, sensible and gripping tracks
ST. JOCK was released as a single plus two bonus tracks. It’s a both poignant and charming contemplation about the late Scottish poet Jock Scott.

Sager explains: “St. Jock isn’t directly a homage to Jock Scot though does try to express his
spirit in the sense that he was very honest about his failings, which appeared to occur much more than his successes; like most of us! Though there is a reference to a girlfriend of his whose favourite past time was to tile! Apart from that the song contains the most difficult first line to sing ever: “She wears a white, red wine stained smock”.

Listen /watch here…

You can stream/purchase the 3-track EP in full here…


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