Supersonic Rockers MUSE Released Their Top Debut Album ‘SHOWBIZZ’ 20 Years Ago…

7 September 2019


20 years ago today, on 7 September 1999, British mega UFO obsessed supersonic rockers MUSE released their debut album SHOWBIZZ.  It’s really amazing how this mind and soul-stirring first longplayer was actually the predetermined blueprint for all they achieved over two decades later. From bombastic  and grandiloquent musical extravaganza to sweet and tenderhearted balladry. It made them superstars in the UK and Europe!

ALL MUSIC wrote: “The musical touchstone for the British trio Muse is obviously Radiohead
and that fact is crystal clear from the smoldering opening cut, “Sunburn.” Their John Leckie-produced debut, Showbiz, is strong on angst-filled vocals, esoteric lyrics, and dramatic shifts
in sonic dynamics.”  
Full review here

Three Top Tracks…




Album in full…

MUSE: Facebook – All Albums

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