Sensuous Songstress FRAMES Seduces With Gripping Beauty From Her Debut EP – Here’s ‘HOUSE SHOW’…

New sonic impulses

14 September 2019


Heart and soul touching singer/songwriter known as FRAMES out of Richmond, Virginia
will release her debut EP called CURSED on 20th September via Know Hope Records
All info here. Ahead of it she now shared a third piece of the 6-track record.

HOUSE SHOW‘ is a gripping pop gem that will trigger your soft spot. This affecting humdinger is a comforting companion for the twilight hours when you’re alone and
you only want listen to a bewitching vox you feel related and connected to. Frames
gentle and attractive voice is the one your ears will embrace on the spot.

Capture the candlelight melancholy here…

FRAMES: Instagram

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