BOB DYLAN – 30 Years Ago Today The Legend’s Lauded ‘OH MERCY’ LP Came Out…

18 September 2019

OH MERCY, the 26th studio album by living legend BOB DYLAN was released 30 years
today, on 18th September 1989. Thanks to the creative collaboration with Canadian producer and singer/songwriter Daniel Lanois, the LP was positively lauded by the critics. The inventive Lanois matched Dylan‘s nasal voice with a perfect fitting sound and it seemed to inspire Mister Zimmerman to write a set of his best songs of the past decade. The album was, compared to several previous ones finally a new commercial success reaching No.  30
on the Billboard charts in the United States and No.  6 in the UK.

ROLLING STONE wrote at the time: “Oh Mercy explores moral concerns and matters of the heart with a depth and seriousness Dylan has not demonstrated since ‘Desire’… ‘Oh Mercy’ can perhaps best be thought of as a collaboration between Dylan and producer Daniel Lanois… He hooked Dylan up with members of the Nevilles’ band — guitarist Brian Stoltz, bassist Tony Hall, drummer Willie Green and percussionist Cyril Neville — and fashioned evocative, atmospheric soundscapes that elicit every nuance of meaning from Dylan’s songs while never overwhelming them.” Full review here. Score: 4/5

Turn Up The Volume‘s favourite tracks: Where Teardrops Fall / Everything Is Broken /
Man In The long Black Coat / Most Of The Time

Album in full…

BOB DYLAN: Facebook – All Albums

Back sleeve

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