Furious Feminist Foursome DREAM NAILS Screams Their Lungs Out On New Dynamite Single… ‘CORPORATE REALNESS’

Sonic havoc that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


15 October 2019

If you never heard of London‘s flaming fury DREAM NAILS, four strong-willed, outspoken, confident and highly committed feminist DIY punk witches standing up, fighting hard, and singing and shouting loud & clear in support of women’s and non-binaries’ universal rights and unconditional respect and equal treatment for all the oppressed than it’s about time you broaden your musical horizon and listen to their new dynamite single.

CORPORATE REALNESS is a riotous firecracker “about soul-crushing office work and the bizarrely self-important terms of phrase that only exist at desk jobs,” reveals vocalist Janey Starling. Its blatant fervency and angry intensity is capable of doing corrupted male-orientated employers’ heads in. According to the band this uppercut already inspired some people to quit their jobs. Help to spread the message. Open your windows and doors and play this belter LOUD, REALLY LOUD!….

Press play here…

DREAM NAILS: Facebook / Photo on top: FB Dream Nails

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