50 Years Ago PLASTIC ONO BAND Released Chilling Single ‘COLD TURKEY’…

Knockouts from the past

19 October 2019

Band: Plastic Ono Band
Song: Cold Turkey
Released: 19 October 1969 in the US (50 years ago today) and 5 days later in the UK
Note 1: The song was written after Lennon and Ono experienced a cold turkey during
their brief heroin addictions. But personal assistant Fred Seaman, claimed that Lennon
told him that the song was actually about a severe case of food poisoning suffered by
John and Yoko after eating Christmas leftovers
Note 2: Legend goes that Lennon asked Paul McCartney to release the song as a single
by The Beatles when they were finishing recording ‘Abbey Road‘ but it was refused.
Note 3: The single’s cover art features Lennon‘s head with glasses on an X-ray image
Note 4: It was the second solo single by John Lennon (and his band). It peaked at
#30 in the US and at # 14 on the UK Singles Chart


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