Irish/Scottish Rockers V98 Thunder Fiercely On Their Brand New Stormy Single ‘CONVERSATION KILLER’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

19 October 2019

Band: V98

Who: A four-piece alternative indie act hailing from Dublin and Edinburgh, delivering a rambunctious mix of high octane vocals, blistering guitars, snarling bass and thundering drums.

Pick: CONVERSATION KILLER – “a story about a character who is at war with both himself
and the surrounding society”
– the first release from their upcoming debut EP

Score: This is a tempestuous hammerhead that challenges your ears’ aural resilience,
a power punch that hit you straight between the eyes, a steamy stonker that influences your body language. Thumping drums/bass ferocity, hot-tempered guitars and storytelling vocals turning into blazing furiosity when the scream and yell along chorus kicks in. Steamy, sweaty stuff! Hell yeah!

Take a deep breath, press play and go apeshit…

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