THE WEDDING PRESENT Released Their Electrifying Mixed Emotions Album ‘BIZARRO’ 30 Years Ago…

23 October 2019

30 years ago today, on 23 October 1989, Leeds post punk misfits THE WEDDING
led by troubled mastermind DAVID GEDGE released their second album,
titled ‘BIZARRO‘. A spiky, edgy and mind-boggling stream of electrical jingle jangle
intensity and cutting mixed emotions grimness with Gedge‘s jagged verbalĖŒsharp-
wittedness triggering every nerve in your body. Thirty years later it sounds as
fired-up and sharply strung as back then and still highly influential. Open your
ears and you will here countless young bands trying to capture its turbulent
buzziness today.

AllMusic wrote at the time: “The Wedding Present’s second proper studio album, ‘Bizarro’ cut down a bit on the frenetic jangle the band was known for in its early days and replaced it with healthy doses of darkness and power. Adding some fuzzy, crunchy distortion to give the guitars some hefty impact, slowing the tempos down to speeds that allow vocalist David Gedge to squeeze more heartbroken despair and bleak sarcasm out of every line, and generally upping their game in every way, the album is the fullest realization of the Wedding Present’s sound yet.” Full review here. Score: 4/5.

Three of Turn Up The Volume favourite highlights: Brassneck / Kennedy / No


(Released as a single. Reached #33 in the UK)

– NO –

Album in full…
(Original tracklist: #1 – #10)

Check THE WEDDING PRESENT‘s remaining BIZARRO live dates right here.

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