THE FALL Released Their Second Album ‘DRAGNET’ 40 Years Ago Today…

26 October 2019

40 years ago today, on 26 October 1979, THE FALL released their second LP called ‘DRAGNET‘. Probably one of their messiest, rawest, grimmest and most chaotic longplayers ever with the late MARK E. SMITH spitting and sneering viciously and mercilessly from start to finish. Most of the critics loved it despite the minimalistic
and shrill production. Mark E. Smith and Marc Riley were the only two members of the original line-up who remained after the release of debut LPĀ Live At The Witch Trials
which appeared in March of the same year. The beginning of countless different
The Fall line-ups had started.

Stream the recalcitrant album here. Turn up the turmoil and blow up your ears…

THE FALL: Facebook – All Albums

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