Belgian Outlandish Combo ELEFANT Surprises With New Mantra Like Chant ‘WATER ALWAYS FLOWS DOWN’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

6 November 2019

(pic by Turn Up The Volume!)

Only one year after their mind-twisting debut album Konark Und Bonark Belgian kooky metallic sludge combo returns with a surprising new single called ‘WATER ALWAYS FLOWS DOWN‘. A sort of ballad-like chant about the way water flows. And the longer the water flows the more bystanders get involved, some singing along, some making weird noises.

You know what? After a couple of spins, this mantra-like hymn reveals its hypnotic effect and gets under your skin without asking permission. I have no clue what the new album ‘Bejahung‘ will be like. But this spiritual foreplay single is as surprising as this one of a kind band always was and unquestionably ever will be. Welcome back, eccentric bohemians.

Press play and follow the water’s flow, folks…

ELEFANT: Facebook

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