Young London Duo WARGASM Detonates On Their Second Smashing Single ‘GOD OF WAR’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

7 November 2019

(photo: Jessica-Rose Lena)

My, oh, my! Wham bloody wham bam! Young volcanic duo WARGASMSam Matlock and Milkie Way – from London only entered the music scene recently, and they do exactly what they say “writing angry songs for sad people“. And yes, ‘GOD OF WAR‘ – only their second single – is a blasting anger blowup that will make your walls shake, your mirrors break and your neighbours call the police.

Why? Because this rip-roaring 2-motor turbo’s noise combines the ferocious explosiveness of Rage Against The Machine and the metallic insanity of System Of A Down to get rid of their nasty demons. No wonder that ‘God Of War‘ resonates like Armageddon is just around the corner and Wargasm saw its ugly face. Hallelujah!

Press play, turn up the decibels and go completely nuts…

WARGASM: Facebook

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