OUT TODAY! Electric-Powered Debut LP By New York Duo RUSSIAN BATHS – Here’s ‘DEEPFAKE’…

Just released

8 November 2019

Band: Russian Baths
Who: New York based duo that “fuses the abrasive sounds of New York in the eighties,
the angular outbursts of DC hardcore, shoegaze’s torrents of noise and the suffocating
anxiety of the Information Age. One part horror movie soundtrack, and one part personal confession, the band’s music is at once imposing and intimate.”

Album: Deepfake – debut album
Sound: Overall this stupefying noise record is a striking non-stop wall-of-grunge-meet-shoegaze-and-hardcore experience that puzzles your senses, perplexes your aural radar, and penetrates your defenseless mind with an irresistible force that will leave a lasting mark. For all of us out there who love to be messed up by hair-rising turbulence.

Stream album here…

RUSSIAN BATHS: Facebook – Instagram
Album available via Bandcamp, iTunes and Good Eye Records


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