DAVID BOWIE Released His Self-Titled Second Album 50 Years Ago Today…

14 November 2019

DAVID BOWIE released his second, self-titled album on 14 November 1969, 50 years ago. In the US the LP was, bizarrely enough, titled differently as ‘Man of Words/Man of Music’. The opening song was his brilliant breakthrough hit single ‘SPACE ODDITY‘. Three years later, in 1972, the LP was even reissued RCA Records called ‘Space Oddity’. Besides that timeless classic it was obvious that the enormously curious artist was still looking for/and exploring new directions, on this record, within the fast-evolving pop and rock boundaries of the flourishing 60s.

Regarding its mix of folk, balladry and prog rock, then famous NME editors Roy Carr and Charles Shaar Murray commented: “Some of it belonged in ’67 and some of it in ’72, but in 1969 it all seemed vastly incongruous. Basically, David Bowie can be viewed in retrospect as
all that Bowie had been and a little of what he would become, all jumbled up and fighting for control.
” To me, one thing was already crystal clear: Bowie‘s voice was already (until his
last breath) an instrument of unique beauty and one of a high-quality kind.

Album in full here..

DAVID BOWIE: Website – Facebook – All Albums

Back sleeve…

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