Brighton’s Amplified Pop Foursome THYLA Strikes Again With New Single ‘LENOX HILL’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

15 November 2019

(photo:Sapphire Needham)

Brighton‘s up and fast coming four-piece THYLA already made a huge impact last month with towering single Two Sense. To keep the effervescent momentum going the band is already back with a new vivacious cut from their upcoming, second EP.

Frontwoman Millie Duthie revealed the song’s story: “Lenox Hill is the hospital I was born in, with the track inspired by my early years as a kid living in New York City. It’s an honest and emotional coming-of-age tale. Life can take so many turns and you can forget where you came from and what makes you you. The important stuff like family can get set aside in the pursuit of whatever it is that drives you. Lenox Hill is about realising you’re lost and deciding to go back to your roots to find the way again”.

After a reflective first half ‘LENOX HILL‘ is catapulted in the air like a sizzling firecracker and explodes like a colorful flowers bouquet as if singer Millie Duthie has been freed from her demons, found her real self again and wants the whole world to know it. Joy of life triumphs in the end. Top stroke!

Here we go…

THYLA: Facebook

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