Happy 55 To Original Voice And Compelling Songwriter MARK LANEGAN…

25 November 2019

MARK LANEGAN was born in Ellensburg, Washington, 25 November 1964. Happy 55 to an original voice and a most compelling songwriter. His musical career began as vocalist with grunge rockers Screaming Trees in 1985. When the band called it a day Lanegan followed his own successful path with countless collaborations with various other artists and with his, by now impressive canon of 11 solo records. His latest longplayer, one of his best to my ears, Somebody’s Knocking appeared last month.

To celebrate this authentic rock troubadour’s
birthday I picked these three big moments…

(Live Screamming Trees performance on British TV show 1996)


(Live version / from his 2004 ‘Bubblegum’ LP)

(From his new 2019 LP Somebody’s Knocking)

MARK LANEGAN: Website – Facebook

(photo on top: FB Mark Lanegan)

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