Manchester’s Trio WOMAN YOU STOLE Rattles And Roars On New Infectious Single… ‘SHAKE!’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

2 December 2019

(Trust a Fox Photography)


Who: Outspoken and sharp-cutting DIY garage rock trio from Manchester

Track: ‘SHAKE!’ – the band’s third single – lyrically the song is “challenging the preconceived ideas of gender stereotyping in modern society, particularly whereby we are often assigned characteristics determined and limited by our gender.”

Score: This is a sickly sticky stunner that will make your whole body tremble and vibrate.
A stupendous garage crackerjack executed like rattling and roaring rock ‘n’ roll should be executed. Boisterous, tumultuous, and loud and clear! Also, the verses seem to serve as foreplay to the orgasmic explosion of the rambunctious ‘SHAKE!’ chorus that you’ll scream along on the top of your lungs after a couple of spins. WHAM BLOODY WHAM BAM!

Catch the commotion right here…


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