OUT NOW! New Red-Hot-Blooded Album by SCRATCH BUFFALO – Listen Here To ‘STRAWBERRY SODA’…

Just released

3 December 2019


Who: A Canadian DIY two-piece garage rock engine featuring Chris Naish(vocals, guitar) and Mark Straub (drums) spent their lives dedicated to music, working two-dozen odd jobs between them to fund the obsession. Flipping burgers, selling hot tubs, and cleaning up roadkill – all worth it to keep the music going. After two EPs they released their self-titled debut LP last year (you can stream it here) and now their second longplayer is out.


Sound: Expect dynamite garage rock hullabaloo. No special effects, no arty-farty baloney, no useless multi-layered production. No, this ear-deafening tandem is about turning up the heat with razor-sharp riffs, robust drum tumult, and tense vocals. A red-hot-blooded mix of filthy Stooges commotion, MC5‘s electrical vehemence and The Black Crows bluesy turbulence. Yes! Loud, frenzied and boisterous! Mettlesome stuff to go bonkers to!

Stream album in full here…

Available on iTunes and Bandcamp


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