11 April 2020

British folk artist LAURA MARLING just released her seventh longplayer titled ‘SONG FOR OUR DAUGHTER’. Another affecting folk pearl from this compelling singer/songwriter and angelic voice that makes you silent at times. All 10 tracks excel because of its enticing and intimate tenderness and its tranquilizing melodiousness. Music for dreamy moments.

NME wrote: “The folk singer’s seventh album, a tribute to a figurative character, largely eschews percussion in favour of piercing words. It’s a graceful ode to resilience… Album seven is a piece of a person we are familiar with. It might be less folky than her previous work, more guided by vital words than percussive rhythm, but it still feels cohesive and like a safe haven. The album is a balm, Marling a lifeline – and a source of stability. We’re lucky to have her. “
Full review here – Score: 5/5

Album in full…



Brand new albums

1 February 2020

‘Darkness Brings the Wonders Home’ by SMOKE FAIRIES
(Electrifying blues folk duo of Jessica Davies and Katherine Blamire – Colchester, England)
Jessica Davies about the album’s title: “Times of darkness are when people are often the most imaginative. It helps you to see all the wonders of the world you hadn’t noticed before – the things you’ve been blind to because you’ve been on autopilot for so long.”

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‘Have We Met’ by DESTROYER (Vancouver, Canada)
Singer/songwriter Dan Bejar aka Destroyer says about his 12th album where he looks at
a messed-up world: “I was like, ‘How can I put myself into a terrible world? I can’t just say that the world sucks and be apart from that. So let’s try and include myself in what makes the world
shit. After all, if the world’s coming to an end, you might as well have some fun with it.

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‘Storm Damage’ by BEN WATT (London, UK)
The British singer/songwriter about his fourth album. “I needed a fresh approach. The album came out of an intense period of personal anguish and political anger. Sometimes repeating yourself musically feels disrespectful to the sharpness of your feelings. You have to search for
a new way to capture the energy.”

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BEN WATT: Facebook

‘Foolish Loving Spaces’ by BLOSSOMS (Stockport, Greater Manchester, UK)
NME about the band’s third album: “Blossoms are a band defying time. The Stockport five-piece’s current look is straight from the ‘70s, with daring flares, silky shoulder-length and the odd porn-star ‘tache. They utilise the same party-vibes as ‘80s bands like Talking Heads. And their playful, often self-deprecating hijinks recreate the mischief of ‘90s Britpop and grunge.”

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OUT NOW! New Red-Hot-Blooded Album by SCRATCH BUFFALO – Listen Here To ‘STRAWBERRY SODA’…

Just released

3 December 2019


Who: A Canadian DIY two-piece garage rock engine featuring Chris Naish(vocals, guitar) and Mark Straub (drums) spent their lives dedicated to music, working two-dozen odd jobs between them to fund the obsession. Flipping burgers, selling hot tubs, and cleaning up roadkill – all worth it to keep the music going. After two EPs they released their self-titled debut LP last year (you can stream it here) and now their second longplayer is out.


Sound: Expect dynamite garage rock hullabaloo. No special effects, no arty-farty baloney, no useless multi-layered production. No, this ear-deafening tandem is about turning up the heat with razor-sharp riffs, robust drum tumult, and tense vocals. A red-hot-blooded mix of filthy Stooges commotion, MC5‘s electrical vehemence and The Black Crows bluesy turbulence. Yes! Loud, frenzied and boisterous! Mettlesome stuff to go bonkers to!

Stream album in full here…

Available on iTunes and Bandcamp


OUT NOW! Live Performance By THE FLAMING LIPS Of Masterpiece Album ‘THE SOFT BULLETIN’…

Just released

30 November 2019

To celebrate the 20th birthday of their 1999 masterpiece album ‘THE SOFT BULLETIN’
the eccentric fairy tale rockers from Oklahoma THE FLAMING LIPS just released a special full live registration of the album as performed at Red Rocks in Denver, Colorado with German classical conductor André De Ridder and The Colorado Symphony Orchestra.

Here’s the orchestral result…


The 1999 original album. You can stream it here

OUT NOW! Self-Titled Electro-Exploring Debut Album By Bristol Duo GIANT SWAN…

16 November 2019

Band: GIANT SWAN (Bristol, UK)

Who: “Giant Swan is the brainchild of Robin Stewart and Harry Wright.
An acerbic marriage of industrial percussion, abused guitar, hypnotic
bass and liberal vocal manipulation. Having built a formidable reputation
for their hi-octane improvised performances, relentless international touring
and a succession of acclaimed EPs. File under: techno-not-techno.”

Album: GIANT SWAN – released 8 November 2019

Sound: Imagine The Chemical Brothers being deep-digging electro
underground explorers instead of a disco hit machine. Open your
mind and expect the unexpected, starting right here…

GIANT SWAN: Facebook

(photo: Bandcamp – Giant Swan)

OUT NOW! Second Stellar Album By LA Pysch Rockers TOMBSTONES IN THEIR EYES – Here’s ‘MAYBE SOMEDAY’…

Just released

17 November 2019

Band: Tombstones In Their Eyes

Who: A psych/shoegaze/rock and roll band from Los Angeles comprised of John Treanor (guitar, vocals, keyboards), Mike Mason (bass, backing vocals), Josh Drew (guitar, backing vocals), and Stephen Striegel (drums, percussion)

Album: Maybe Someday – released 15 November 2019 – the band’s second LP

Sound: A mind-expanding collection of magnetizing psych and shoegaze paintings.
The record’s overall huge wall-of-hypnotizing-sound drags you slowly but surely into an otherworldly place where intoxicating symphonies, mostly meditative, multi-layered slow-mo compositions with a cinematic twilight tone release you from the daily grind of reality for a while. From early Pink Floyd to The Black Angels and countless, similar influences in between, this band covers a timeless genre of music that always excites when performed tremendously well, like right here.



(press promo image via the band)

OUT NOW! Intense Third LP By Venturesome Canadian Singer/Songwriter iskwē – Here’s ‘acākosīk’…

14 November 2019

Artist: iskwē (pronounced iss-kway)

Who: Experimental, adventurous and much lauded Canadian singer/songwriter
who’s always exploring her own way of writing stout-hearted and unconventional,
yet captivating pop songs fitting her arresting vox. She’s as inventive, inspired and
imaginative as the great, surreal fairytale influenced sonic elf Björk

Album: acākosīk – pronounced acha-ko-suk – means ‘The Stars’ in English

Released: 8 November 2019

iskwē thoughts: “With the love, strength and guidance I’ve been shown by the ones
who surround me, I have been able to bring a vision to life, and in turn, share it with you. Without this love, strength and guidance from the ones who surround me, the ones who care, this record would be no more than a dream – and for this I am eternally grateful. Together,
we share a vision. We see the kindness that exists in this world. We see the love. We feel the patience needed to reach beyond our hand’s extension, and for this, I am grateful.”

Sound: A multifaceted fusion of varied emotions, varied musical textures and varied
sonic structures. Art-pop with, both, a human and dreamlike side. An intriguingly
emotive fusion of electronic puissance, grand choir orchestration, some profound
pensive moments and most of all a magnificent vocal impressiveness in the middle
of all the enchanting splendor. Breathtaking expressiveness, perfervid dedication
and awe-inspiring craftsmanship.

Stream album here…






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