OUT NOW! Second Stellar Album By LA Pysch Rockers TOMBSTONES IN THEIR EYES – Here’s ‘MAYBE SOMEDAY’…

Just released

17 November 2019

Band: Tombstones In Their Eyes

Who: A psych/shoegaze/rock and roll band from Los Angeles comprised of John Treanor (guitar, vocals, keyboards), Mike Mason (bass, backing vocals), Josh Drew (guitar, backing vocals), and Stephen Striegel (drums, percussion)

Album: Maybe Someday – released 15 November 2019 – the band’s second LP

Sound: A mind-expanding collection of magnetizing psych and shoegaze paintings.
The record’s overall huge wall-of-hypnotizing-sound drags you slowly but surely into an otherworldly place where intoxicating symphonies, mostly meditative, multi-layered slow-mo compositions with a cinematic twilight tone release you from the daily grind of reality for a while. From early Pink Floyd to The Black Angels and countless, similar influences in between, this band covers a timeless genre of music that always excites when performed tremendously well, like right here.



(press promo image via the band)

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