THE CLASH Released Classic Single ‘LONDON CALLING’ 40 Years Ago Today…

Knockouts from the past

7 December 2019

40 years ago today, on 7 December 1979, iconic punk rockers THE CLASH released
their classic single ‘LONDON CALLING‘, the title track from their double masterpiece
LP that appeared a week later. It was an electrical stomper about Doomsday, about the world melting down, with Joe Strummer spitting and sneering as never before. Sounds like The Clash were climate activists avant la lettre speaking out about our endangered environment with a hellish uppercut of a song, and an equally apocalyptic B-side, the
bass loaded dub reggae cracker Armagideon Time. The single peaked at #11 in the UK.

“The ice age is coming, the sun is zooming in
Meltdown expected, the wheat is growin’ thin
Engines stop running, but I have no fear ’cause
London is drowning, and I, I live by the river

Here’s the ominous power stroke…

THE CLASH: Facebook

The handwritten lyrics by the late great Joe Strummer

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