ENTER : SHIKARI Reveal Another Cannonball From Upcoming Album – Here’s‘ ‘thē kĭñg’…

New sonic impulses

British electronic post-hardcore rockers ENTER : SHIKARI unleash their new, sixth LP, titled ‘NOTHING IS TRUE & EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE’ on 17th April. More info here.

Frontman Rou Reynolds told Kerrang! about the LP: “Possibility is the central theme of the album, lyrically, but it also is musically, too. We’ve pushed further and asked ourselves, ‘Where can we go? Let’s fucking go there!’ One track is a symphonic orchestral piece, but then there are other tracks that wouldn’t sound out of place on our first album.

After sharing brutal lead single The Dreamer’s Hotel the steamy band just dropped another piece. ‘thē kĭñg’ is a spit and sneer cannonball that will wake up your neighbours, left and right.

Here’s why…


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