THE BEATLES Released Their Final Album ‘LET IT BE’ 50 Years Ago…

8 May 2020

Today 50 years ago, on 8 May 1970, the Fab Four released their twelfth and final album
LET IT BE, a month after they split up. An album Macca wanted it to sound as a classic rock record. During the recordings, George Harrison left for a brief period of time and producer Phil Spector moved, as usual in mysterious ways.

Despite the longplayer’s commercial triumph – it topped the charts in America and the
UK – the reviews were mixed. It was obviously not their best work, but still, a solid gold achievement compared to many mainstream LPs that appeared in the early seventies.
Outstanding tracks Get Back, The Long Winding Road, Let It Be and Across The Universe, a
24 karat Lennon masterpiece, are among the best songs THE BEATLES ever wrote.

Rolling Stone‘s impressions: “The greatest band of all time gave the world their final album together on May 8th, 1970 The Beatles released Let It Be, the Phil Spector-produced LP that featured hits like the title track, “The Long and Winding Road” and one of John Lennon’s most famous compositions, “Across the Universe.” While the album was recorded during the band’s caustic final days, Let It Be would go on to become one of their most celebrated records: it ranked Number 86 in Rolling Stone‘s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.”

Album in full…


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