Third Album ‘FREEDOM OF CHOICE’ By Legendary We Are DEVO Rockers Came Out 40 Years Ago

17 May 2020

Band: DEVO (Akron, Ohio, US)
Album: FREEDOM OF CHOICE – the band’s third LP
Released: 16 May 1980 – 40 years ago
Keywords: inventive eccentricity, surrealist kookiness, sickly sticky dissonance, sonic science-fiction, Rolling Stones cover, it’s only-wacko-rock-‘n’-roll-but-we-like-it attitude, video clip pioneers.

AllMusic: “With ‘Freedom of Choice’, Devo completed their transition into a full-fledged
synth-pop group, producing arguably their most musically cohesive effort in the process.
The songwriting is a match for consistent quality, and moreover, the music on Freedom of Choice is the sound that defines Devo in the minds of many. In the end, that makes it the
band’s only other truly necessary album.”
Score: 5/5

Three top tracks…




Full album…

DEVO: Discography

Back sleeve

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