Samba Fueled Rap Delight – CHEMICAL DREAMS Trigger Your Hip Movements With ‘LOOK TO THE MOON’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

31 July 2020

CHEMICAL DREAMS is a side project of experienced Canadian party experts Martha And the Muffins that creates original songs through collaboration and experimentation. There is no set theme, style or expectations, making it as unpredictable as your dreams will be tonight. And like dreams, a song sometimes comes out of the blue from somewhere beyond our imagination.

Newest single LOOK TO THE MOON – a pan-cultural summer driving song – features tremendously uplifting rapper/writer John Orpheus.

Look To The Moon is a totally irresistible earworm centered around a funky adrenalin-stimulating guitar riff. Hip-hop ecstasy with an instant swing and sway impact on your hips. Rap delight with a samba tinted and heated horns injected groove. Soulful exaltation boosting your bloodstream in these bizarre times. Get those dancing shoes out of your dusty closet, put all your furniture aside and pirouette yourself dizzy.

Shake your booty right here, right now…

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