Summertime Heatwave Blues – Red-Hot-Blooded Rockers BLUE STRAGGLERS Hit Hard With Two Uppercuts…

6 August 2020

Rowdy blues-rock desperadoes BLUE STRAGGLERS out of Sussex are gearing up to
quake the earth with their wall-crushing debut EP on 4th September. The extended
play captures the turbo trio at their muscular, melodic finest. Blue Stragglers laid down
five songs that are unequivocally up to the task of being played “during the sunset slot
at festivals”
as per the band’s stated aim.

The fierce three-piece let you taste their summertime heatwave blues with two unstoppable uppercuts, called SHE and LATE AT A FESTIVAL . Get ready for some
sauna-hot firework right here…

– SHE –

“A cheeky south London romp about the one who got away.” Wham bloody wham bang!
This red-hot-blooded haymaker triggers you to punch all those hypocrite politicians in
the face. A riff exploding blues hammer to test your lungs’ capacity. This is what we need to ventilate our isolation paranoia. Wall-crushing hullabaloo. A whole lotta steamy rock ‘n’ roll. Royal Blood with balls!


Razorblade melodiousness drenched in a pool of kamikaze guitars, going forth and black like a roller coaster on the run. Blur‘s Britpop flair pumped up with tons of illegal decibels. Don’t come late at a festival with Blue Stragglers on the bill or they will find you and make you beg for mercy. You have been warned!…


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