Classic Debut Longplayer ‘SIGNING OFF’ By UB40 Released 40 Years Ago

29 August 2020

Band: UB40
Active: Since 1978
Album: Signing Off

Released: 29 August 1980
40 years ago today
Score: #2 in the UK

AllMusic wrote: “Their rhythms may have been reggae-based, their music Jamaican-inspired, but UB40 had such an original take on the genre that all comparisons were moot… Campbell’s words were his sword, and the creamier and sweeter his delivery, the deeper they cut. Their music was just as revolutionary, their sound unlike anything else on either island, from deep dubs shot through with jazzy sax to the bright and breezy instrumental “12 Bar”. Their fire was dampened quickly, but on Signing Off it blazed high, still accessible to the pop market, but so edgy that even those who are sure there’s nothing about the group to admire will change their tune instantly.” Score: 4/5.

Singles: Food For Thought – King / I Think’s It’s Going To Rain Today


– KING –


Full album…

UBB 40: Facebook

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