4-Track Pop Rarities For Your Lockdown Ears – Listen To ‘HOME SCHOOLING’ By Welshmen KEYS

29 Augustus 2020

Band: KEYS
Who: Five Welshmen with sharp ears for electrical
pop tunes, wearing cool black Bob Dylan shades

Sound: “A Collection of 4-Track Rarities’ is proof of the importance of the spaces left between the integral notes, the spaces that let the songs breathe. The songs range from joyous early 70s Midlands pop, bucolic chamber pop, sweeping Krautrock grooves, fractured Big Star/BadFinger songcraft to vamping 2 chord proto-punk freak-outs. Through it all we hear the hiss of the 4-track cassette recorder turning, the sound of the endless possibilities and magic of the pop
song spilling out in vivid colours. No second guessing or over thinking, only the joy of creating.” 

Matthew Evans (vocals/guitar/songwriter) says “We recorded these tracks on Cassette four track machines during lockdown. Let’s not pretend we had access to an expensive studio, we didn’t. It was a time to connect with bedroom songwriting again. Something to help us get through this lockdown. Hopefully you can use it too.”

: ‘Everybody knows the format of pop music, everybody knows what it meant
to do, so it’s harder to write that sort of music.
” – Jason Pierce (Spiritualized)

Key(s)words: Tune paradise / From The Beatles‘ early earworms to The Lemonheads
mixed emotions musings / From The Beach Boys harmonies to Teenage Fanclub’s relaxed jingle-jangle warmth / From yesterday’s melodiousness to today’s bedroom fantasies /
From 4-track hiss to your lockdown ears / Keys to your heart / Reverb for all seasons

Key(s) tracks: Phases / The Strain / Trick Of The Light / Home schooling

Stream full album…

KEYS: Facebook / Label: Libertino Records

(promo photo via Libertino Records)

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