Sound Wizard BRIAN ENO Released His Third Album ‘ANOTHER GREEN WORLD’ 45 Years Ago Today

1 September 2020

Artist: BRIAN ENO (Melton, England)
Born: in 1948 as Brian Peter George Eno

Released: 1 September 1975 – 45 years ago today

Pitchfork says: “Brian Eno has done everything from producing huge pop stars to creating
tiny art installations to touring with rock bands to inventing ambient music. Another Green World remains his definitive album…. He had reimagined glam rock as sound sculpture and established Eno not just as a practitioner of pop, but a theoretician of it: Someone whose music doubled as a blueprint for how music could be made… The nature of ‘Another Green World’s romance is not what one person does or says for another, but the bond created between two people bearing witness to something bigger than both of them: Not love but wonder… Eno seemed to understand that the real promise of psychedelic drugs wasn’t to push one’s thoughts into a new beyond but to restore them to a place they hadn’t been since childhood: Drifting but absorbed, naïve but curious, moving laterally, freely, safely. In doo-wop parlance, this was his slow dance with the universe.
” Full review here. Score: 10/10.

The author: “I want to make something that is breathtaking. Of course, you can’t make something that is always breathtaking, or you would never be able to breathe. You would collapse.”

Full album…

BRIAN ENO: All Albums

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