Trump Is A Joke – Turbo TOKYO TABOO Unleashed New Razorblade Ripper ‘AMERICAN DREAM’

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11 September 2020

British sharp-cutting rock turbo TOKYO TABOO just shared their new razor blade ripper AMERICAN DREAM with the world. A roasting attack on that 24/7 American idiot and pathological liar in the White House.

The steamy stunner starts with an explosive in-your-orange-face “L(i)a(r) l(i)a(r) l(i)a(r)
l(i)a(r) l(i)a(r) l(i)a(r) l(i)a(r) l(i)a(r)
” intro kick-starting this clamorous haymaker instantly
with a titanic wall-of-blazing-riff hurly-burly and deafening percussion slams. Again,
the utterly cool and loudmouthed Dolly Daggerz tests your speakers’ bouncebackability without any mercy. And the blistering chorus will wake up the Disunited States of America.

Play this catchy as bloody hell wallop on repeat, every single day, until the November Dump Trump elections. That villain split his country down the middle, Tokyo Taboo will split his bully bubble down the middle.

Hey Mr President
You’re just a joke
Kids dodging bullets
World’s up in smoke
Guns in school
You shrug your shoulders
Hey you’re making money
Don’t care if they grow up

Open the gates…

Buy single here via Bandcamp…


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