ON REPEAT! Dancing Manchester Queens PINS With Third LP ‘HOT SLICK’

21 September 2020

Finally, after five years the utterly cool feminist Manchester ladies PINS released a new LP called HOT SLICK, last May. Their third full length following the punchy power-pop albums Girls Like Us (2013) and Wild Nights  (2015).

It’s a sizzling party record. A boosting happy-go-funky feast. A no brakes get-together shebang fueled by Saturday Night Fever beats and sensual vibes. A buzzing night-on-the-town soundtrack. An unquestionable contender for Turn Up The Volume‘s album-of-2020.

Keyline: “Lookin’ for some hot stuff baby this evenin’, I need some hot stuff baby tonight, Gotta have some hot slick, Gotta have some love tonight.”Donna Summer

Key Tracks: Hot Slick / Bad Girls Forever / Ponytail / Ghosting





HOT SLICK on repeat here…

PINS: Facebook

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