KATE BUSH Cover – ‘Running Up That Hill’ By AERIAL EAST

21 September 2020

New-York based singer-songwriter AERIAL EAST wants to tell stories
we don’t hear often. “I want to humanise different characters.”

She recently signed to Partisan Records. Her first track is a cover of
Kate Bush masterstroke RUNNING UP THAT HILL, which came out
35 years ago, on 5 August 2020.

Partisan Records: “With equal parts reverie and intention, her version of the classic track showcases the unvarnished intimacy East is able to create between herself and the listener.”

East: “I’ve been a huge Kate Bush fan since my late teens/early twenties when her ‘Wuthering Heights’ videos sent me down a never-ending Kate Bush rabbit hole. That song has been a karaoke go-to for me for years and ‘Hounds of Love’ is one of my favorite records ever. I put
it on when I am sad, and it does a lot of joyful heavy lifting for me.”

East‘s interpretation is a stripped to the bone one with intimate piano touches, almost unrecognizable, but gracious and soulful. Notable version, ghostly voice.

The animated video clip…

Stream/buy via Bandcamp


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