Addictive Psych Karma Jingle – Discover ‘IN A MILLION YEARS’ By MISTY COAST

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

21 September 2020

(Credit: Steven Duke)


Who: Chamber psych-pop duo – Linn Frøkedal and Richard Myklebust – from Norway
that conjures mental images of celestial bodies, kaleidoscopic bliss and mountain streams flowing into fjords. They already have two albums under their belt. Their 2017 Self-titled debut and last year’s Melodaze.

Pick: IN A MILLION YEARS. First single from new album ‘When I Fall From The Sky’.
“Tthe song represents a recurring theme on the album, and it lingers in thoughts about
whether we should choose to ignore the reality outside of what we experience as our world,
or if we should dare to seek a larger, perhaps unpleasant truth”
says Frøkedal.

Score: ‘In A Million Years‘ swirls from the get-go. It’s a shoegazy power-pop stroke with
a repetitive karma-like chorus infiltrating your ears’ stereo instantly. Imagine former Cocteau Twins‘ heavenly vocalist Elizabeth Fraser backed by The Jesus And Mary Chain‘s
fuzzy feedback wall. An infectious and rollin’ mixed emotions jingle that’ll put a smile on your face during these bizarre corona times when reality became fiction and vice-versa. For me, the cure is, as always, music that uplifts my worried state of mind.

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