PINS – New Queens Of Disco Pop Release 5-Track LIVE EP On 2nd October

22 September 2020

I guess you know by now that Turn Up The Volume can’t stop making noise about Manchester’s amazones PINS, one the coolest bands on this troubled planet. Earlier
this year the new queens of disco pop released one of the best longplayers of the year
with their 24/7 party extravaganza album HOT SLICK. An extensive tour was planned
but that vicious coronavirus screwed up our way of life with indie musicians and live venues unfortunately part of the many severely affected groups.

But PINS do not let their ponytails hang down. A 5-track Live EP will
make us get up, shake our hips, and dance around the kitchen table.

Like this

(Thx to mancmusic)

Here’s how: “Unfortunately due to government regulations the current situation re COVID-19 the shows this Autumn are unable to proceed as planned. We are working on which dates we are able to reschedule. In the meantime we’d like to share a live EP with you, it is digital format only and you can pay as much or as little as you would like. Your support means everything to us and will help us to continue to make music! We cannot wait to see you again soon.”

ALL INFO about the pre-order facilities HERE.

PINS: Facebook

(Belgium 2017 – photo by Turn Up The Volume!)

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