Conspiracy Theorist IAN BROWN Drops Awful Anti-Lockdown Stinker ‘LITTLE SEED BIG TREE’

24 September 2020

One of the best bands ever in my book: The Stone Roses. One of the coolest
frontmen in my book: Ian Brown. The latter has now changed, it reads now:
one of the greatest rock wankers ever: IAN BROWN.

Why? I never thought that a self-declared ‘man of the people’ would tell such
anti-social coronavirus bullshit showing he actually doesn’t give a flying fuck
about other people.

C’mon Brown read your own crap you posted online in recent days:

“IAN ‘wearing a mask in a pandemic is the correct and sensible thing to do! But what
pandemic? THE GREAT RESET the plandemic planned designed and executed to make us
digital slaves. “A survival rate of 99.9% and they are into our work life home life social life
school life love life garden, backyard your body your wife and kids bodies AND THATS OK?.
So I’m a Conspiracy Theorist HA! A term invented by the lame stream media to discredit
those who can smell and see through the government/media lies and propaganda.”

Is this what happens when you smoke weed all your life? Is this the rich rock star way
to promote your new terrible anti-lockdown song ‘LITTLE SEED BIG TREE‘? Or did you
lose your mind after counting the BIG MONEY you got after those ‘let’s get filthy rich on the
back of our hard-working fans
‘ reunion gigs? Have some real guts, Brownie, and tell your conspiracy bollocks to the family and friends who lost a beloved one because they got infected by people who don’t care about their fellow men and think Covid-19 is a joke.


IAN BROWN: Godlike Idiot

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