#DumpTrump While Dancing To Powerstroke ‘AMERICAN DREAM’ By TOKYO TABOO

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29 September 2020

A couple of weeks ago British thunder and lighting noise-rockers
TOKYO TABOO dropped their anti-Trump rant AMERICAN DREAM.

“A steamy stunner with an explosive in-your-orange-face intro kick-starting this
clamorous haymaker instantly with a titanic wall-of-blazing-riff hurly-burly and
deafening percussion slams”
wrote Turn Up The Volume after controlling if
his ears were still intact.

And here’s the video. A both gloriously hilarious and frighteningly reality check
clip. Hilarious because of the way that White House buffoon is portrayed. Frightening because – read the lyrics on screen – of the reminder of his devastating impact on the country he divided fiercely.

And let’s not forget how he encouraged (and still does) tons of far-right bullies and dangerous nationalistic politicians all over the world with his fascism inspired, daily propaganda Twitter show.

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German Hi-Tech Krautwerk – Open Your Mind For ‘ARDOR’ By FLYING MOON IN SPACE

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29 September 2020


Who: A seven-piece band from Leipzig, Germany producing a shape-shifting blend of driving Krautrock aesthetics, vivid psychedelic pop and techno-indebted electronics.

Pick: ARDOR – new single from upcoming debut LP, out 4 December via Fuzz Club

Score: Germany has a long, rich history of transcendent electronic music. Tangerine
Dream, Kraftwerk, Klaus Schulze, Can,
and Neu! are all legendary German acts in the
world of high-tech Krautrock and spellbinding synthesizer psychedelia.

Flying Moon In Space is definitely following into the giant footsteps of these cosmic protagonists. ‘Ardor’ is a hypnotic escapade centered around a never-ending pulsating synth beat that boggles your mind from the very start to the nightmarish finale. A most fitting trip to forget the bizarre corona reality we experience, for a while. An effervescent exploit that adrenalizes your confused spirit. A vibrating relief in these science-fiction-like mouth mask times.

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Widely Praised Nostalgic Psych Pop Album ‘HALCYON DIGEST’ By DEERHUNTER Is 10 Today

28 September 2020

Band: Deerhunter (Georgia, US)
Album: Halcyon Digest – the band’s fifth LP
Released: 28 September 2020 – 10 years ago today

NME said: “For all its occasional lack of bite and drama, ‘Halcyon Digest’’s
tender, transgressive pop proves a fine and focused addition to a uniquely
haunting body of work. Cherish it like you would a phantom limb.”

Bradford Cox (the band’s singer/songwriter) “The more you try to sound original and non-derivative, the less you allow yourself to write freely. Our songs are written as improvisations, either individually at home or as a group. The album’s title is a reference to a collection of fond memories and even invented ones, like my friendship with Ricky Wilson (note: the founder of
glorious The B-52’s who died, only 32, due to Aids-related complications) or the fact that I live in an abandoned victorian autoharp factory. The way that we write and rewrite and edit our memories to be a digest version of what we want to remember, and how that’s kind of sad.”

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(band photo: FB Deerhunter)

KURT VILE Shares The JOHN PRINE Song ‘HOW LUCKY’ He Recorded Together With The Late Country Legend

The legendary American country singer/songwriter JOHN PRINE passed away on
7 April due to that horrible coronavirus. He was 73. The praise from young and old musicians around the world was enormous and several covers of his songs already
came up afterward to honor Prine‘s huge talent and great career.

KURT VILE recorded two Prine songs some time ago. Speed Of Sound Of Loneliness
and How Lucky which he recorded with the man himself.

The two tracks will be on his new 5-track EP called Speed, Sound, Lonely KV together with a cover of a Jack Clement song, as well as two originals. The EP was recorded over a span of four years at The Butcher Shoppe studio in Nashville.

Vile about singing with Prine: “Probably the single most special musical moment in my life.”

The duet performance…

The original

JOHN PRINE: Biography

Up And Coming Glasgow Mavericks MEMES With Brand New Brawny Cut ‘SO WHAT’

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28 September 2020

Turn Up The Volume featured Glasgow’s cutting-post-punk duo MEMES several times before. Their full-charged electricity and manic turmoil is what you need to ventilate
your isolation demons.

On their brand new cut SO WHAT they ramble, rumble, and rattle with jagged puissance and saw-edged Sleaford Mods like vocals. More infectious than that horrible coronavirus, deeper carving than a Swiss knife, 103 seconds of high-energy swagger.

Can’t wait for their new EP, coming in November via the pretty cool Fierce Panda label.

But first SO WHAT

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Don’t Worry Be Happy – Hallucinate On The Debut Album ‘CULT CASUAL’ By Manchester Collective HEAVY SALAD

28 September 2020

Meaning: “When something is stressful or too demanding it is heavy salad.”
Who: A trio formed in 2018 in Manchester that works in the space between
perceived reality and the abyss of your mind. Melt yourself! Bonding over a
joint interest in psychedelic horror films, they loved the idea of being in a band
like a psychedelic cult, albeit a cult with no rules.

Released: 25 September 2020

Dipped Into Gold Recordings label: “A loose concept-album-of-all-sorts ‘Cult Casual’ explores the idea of finding your own reality in the modern world. The album takes you backwards through the very experiences of existence… Charged-up on a myriad of musical influences from surf-rock and free-jazz to over driven pop and experimental rock… Adding another dimension to its textured sound the trio are joined by live backing singers… Despite its kaleidoscopic and far-reaching sound palette, the band confirm that no distortion pedals were used in the making of ‘Cult Casual’.”

Lee Mann (frontman): “It’s an exploration of the experience of modern reality. It feels like the LP exists for this exact moment in time.”

John Lennon: “The basic thing nobody asks is why do people take drugs of any sort? Why do we have these accessories to normal living to live? I mean, is there something wrong with society that’s making us so pressurized, that we cannot live without guarding ourselves against it?”

Turn Up The Volume: “If you’re going to Manchester be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. If you’re going to Manchester you’re gonna meet some gentle people there. All across the nation such a strange Heavy Salad vibration, people in motion. They are a whole generation with a new explanation.”

Keywords: Heavy Salad’s lonely hearts club band / Inner visions and gospel hymns / Grateful death / Black Sabbath / Doo-wop and Da-doo-ron harmonies / Space Odyssey

Singles/clips: It’s OK To Bleed /




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(photos: via Heavy Salad)

More Epic Songs From The Wonderful SHARON VAN ETTEN – Listen To ‘ALL OVER AGAIN’

New sonic impulses

28 September 2020

The second album Epic by compelling singer/songwriter
SHARON VAN ETTEN turned 10 last week.

And 5 years ago she dropped a 5-track EP, titled I Don’t Want To Let You Down
with songs that didn’t make it onto her excellent fourth LP Are We There (2014).
The EP’s title track was released on a 7-inch single with the B-side All Over Again.

Van Etten about ‘All Over Again’: “ It’s a deeply personal song. Broken-hearted years
ago and driven to find true love, it’s hard to believe I was ever there when I look back
now from such a fulfilled space. I’m humbled to share yet another
vulnerable moment with you.”

For the first time online.
Listen to All Over Again