Happy 60 To BOB MOULD

16 October 2020

(photo FB artist – album Beauty)

Robert Arthur Mould was born 60 years ago today in a village
called Malone in the state of New York. Happy birthday!

He was co-founder of hardcore noise trio Hüsker Dü
that produced six albums between 1983 and 1987.

After the group split up Mould launched a successful solo career.
His brand new LP Blue Hearts is one of his best works.

Bob Mould: “My father, who had a terrible temper and could be really abusive, also brought music to me. He would buy old jukebox singles, for a penny a piece. Those records were my toys. I played them day and night. They meant the world to me, and are sitting on the shelf four feet away from me right now. They remain my main inspiration. I was this broken little kid, and music was the only thing that could drown out all the chaos I grew up around. I still believe music can change the world – I watched the Beatles do it.”

Full Bob Mould interview with The Guardian right here.

To celebrate here’s
Blue Hearts

BOB MOULD: Facebook

Hüsker Dü (photo by Guzman via FB Hüsker Dü)

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