Brain-Shattering Experience – ‘LIVE AT VICAR ST.’ By Irish Noiseniks GIRL BAND

16 October 2020

Who: Mind-boggling Irish noiseniks from Dublin
with two awesome LPs under their belt, so far.
Holding Hands With Jamie (2015) and one of
Turn Up The Volume‘s best albums of 2019
The Talkies.

Released: 2 September 2020


Alan Duggan (guitarist): “These shows were a really big deal for us. We hadn’t played any shows for a good while before releasing ‘The Talkies’, and the home show (note: Dublin) is always the one you look forward to most. It was nice to properly document that experience.”

Turn Up The Volume: I just love this unique noise-thrilling band. I can’t think of one
that ever produced this kind of brain-shattering chainsaw noise that makes your body shiver and tremble. Yes! Yes! Yes! I saw them live three times and still feel the razor blade electricity going through my body. Adrenalizing havoc with an out-of-his-mind-screaming frontman. And they have the shortest song – 38 seconds – I ever heard with hammer blow The Cha Cha Cha.

Turn up the decibels here…

GIRL BAND: Facebook

(photos by Turn Up The Volume – Brussels 2015)

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