This Is Not David Bowie – Many Fans Furious After Watching The New ZIGGY STARDUST Biopic Trailer

29 October 2020

Biopic movie STARDUST featuring actor/musician Johnny Flynn focuses on Bowie‘s
troubled 1971 US tour and the creation of his legendary Ziggy Stardust persona. The biopic was made without the approval of the late genius’ family. The film premiered
at the Raindance Film Festival in London yesterday.

Also yesterday a new promo-trailer surfaced online.
Many fans reacted furiously after watching it.

Here’ are just three of the many angry comments via Twitter…

“You can’t have an accent that bad, a film that looks like an American soap opera and you certainly can’t have a Bowie film without his music. Probs shouldn’t have bothered guys.”

“I love Johnny Flynn with my whole heart but why would he agree to star in a biopic neither Bowie or his family wanted to be made ? This should have never made and we shouldn’t watch it.

“You could search the globe for eternity and not find an actor who looks less like David Bowie than Johnny Flynn”

Watch the trailer here…


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